MYRAGREENS aspires to be the household synonym for Sustainable Living

We are the environment startup, a company initiated in 2018. We offer you solutions that leads to a simpler, more self-sufficient way of living. We offer you solutions which helps protect the environment. We believe we can enrich our lives and ensure a healthy future for gen next, by choosing wise, by acting wise.

your Pursuit our Purpose




How we do it

  • We spend a lot of time doing product research, doing market analysis, studying the impact of urban living on the environment. And we take this job very seriously
  • We look at things with 360 degree perspective right from manufacturing to last mile delivery. This helps us gain indepth insight on how to go lean, cut excess flab, reduce carbon foot print and disrupt existing norms
  • We embrace change positively and so does our products. We remain in constant pursuit of smarter solutions to help you live green
  • We are very happy selling our products directly to you as it helps us stay lean, stay economical and most important, stay pulsated
  • We apply all possible methodologies, from backward linking to forward linking to manufacturing to contract manufacturing. And we do so to remain flexible, valuable and enriched with experiences. To us, its about sharing and achieving good things together
  • We do not promise a revolution, but we do aspire to disrupt human minds conditioned to exploit the environment


We appreciate and immensely value the role played by Schools, Corporates and Non-Profit Organizations towards nation building and youth consciousness.

We take pride in working closely with our affiliate partners and engage the youth of our country, to make sustainability a true success, to pass on the benefits of our products and to live and lead sustainability by example.

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True to our core values, we also conduct activities of purpose such as Plantation Drives, Green Clean Drives, STEM workshops primarily involving the youth of our country. For us development is multi-faceted.

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